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Tree services 

Felling / Dismantling / Removal
With sufficient space it may be possible to fell a tree in one piece but often it is necessary to dismantle a tree and lower it piece by piece to the ground.
The removal of lower branches and/or parts of pendulous upper branches to provide clearance and allow more light under a tree or into nearby property.
The thinning of branches within the canopy to allow more light though a tree or into nearby property.
The cutting back of branches to reduce the overall size of a tree’s canopy. Crown reduction should seek to retain the tree’s natural form and a flowing branch line without leaving stumps.
The removal of all or nearly all of a tree’s branches and foliage. Pollarding is generally only appropriate on trees where the practice has been long established and carried out regularly such as willow, lime and plane. With coppicing trees are cut to ground level and allowed to regenerate. Traditionally used with hazel and willow to grow stakes and more recently for biomass.
Crown cleaning
Removal of dead, damaged and crossing branches.
Target pruning
Pruning to create clearance from buildings, street lights, guttering, aerials, etc.
Formative pruning
Pruning of young trees to produce a good shape and prevent future management problems
Pruning for fruit
Pruning to encourage the production of good quality, accessible fruit.
Stump grinding
Stumps can be completely removed below ground level to allow for turfing, paving or other development.
With the increasing price of energy and the popularity of wood burning stoves customers often keep their logs but we always keep a supply of seasoned split logs if you need a delivery.
The smaller branches are chipped. Woodchip is an excellent mulch and many customers use it to suppress weeds and retain moisture in the ground until it biodegrades and returns its nutrients to the soil.

All works carried out to BS3998: 2010 "Recommendations for tree work"